Saturday, September 26, 2009

High 103.5 Yesterday,106.1 Today

Today's harvest includes 5 Snow White(2), 3 Snow White(1), 2 Babywine, 2 White Currant, 2 Paul Robeson, 2 Yellow Perfection, 2 Black Cherry, Sweet 100, White Zebra and Cuor de Bue for a total of 21 tomatoes.

Yesterday's high at Pierce College got up to 103.5...but today it was hotter. Today it got up to 106.1 degrees! That is quite hot for late September.

The gardener pulled out the back yard Green Grape today. My wife pulled out SunSugar. There may be a couple of more plants pulled out tomorrow.

My wife finished watering the front yard yesterday and watered parts of the back yard today.

Our harvest dropped again, but we still went past the second harvest estimate for September. The adjusted estimate was 1625 tomatoes and now we've harvested 1634 tomatoes for the month.

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