Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harvested Over 4000 Back Yard Tomatoes For The Year!

Today's harvest includes 6 back yard Husky Cherry Red, 5 Red Grape, 4 front yard Husky Cherry Red, 3 front yard Green Grape, 3 Snow White(1), 3 Sweet 100, 3 Black Cherry, 2 back yard Green Grape, 2 Japanese Black Trifele, Babywine, Jaune Flamme, Turkish Striped Monastery, Orange Blossom, Yellow Perfection, Paul Robeson, Green Zebra(2), White Currant, Oaxacan Jewel(2), White Zebra, Italian Ice and SunSugar for a total of 43 tomatoes.

We reached 4000 harvested back yard tomatoes for the year (4015)!

My wife watered the back yard on Tuesday.

The tomato harvest really fell off the table again. I'm surprised I was able to only find three tomatoes among the two Snow White plants. I looked and looked and just found those three tomatoes.

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