Sunday, August 9, 2009

Harvested 3000 Front Yard Tomatoes in 2009!

Today's harvest includes 20 Red Currant, 19 Snow White, 18 Black Cherry, 12 Babywine, 8 Super Snow White, 7 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 5 White Currant, 5 back yard Husky Cherry Red, 4 back yard Garden Peach(2), 4 front yard Green Grape, 2 White Zebra, 2 Red Grape, 2 Berkeley Tie Dye (one 7.5 ounces), 2 Plum Tigris, 2 Sweet 100, a tiny Beaverlodge Plum, Yellow Perfection, a back yard Speckled Roman (thin, but zero end rot!), Aunt Ruby's German Green, a back yard Paul Robeson, Japanese Black Trifele, Tiger Paw, a back yard Green Grape, a back yard Mexico (20 ounces) Husky Gold, Italian Ice, SunSugar, Jaune Flamme, Oaxacan Jewel(1) (6 ounces), Oaxacan Jewel(2) and a front yard Husky Cherry Red for a total of 128 tomatoes.

As of today we've now harvested exactly 3000 tomatoes from the front yard!

That also means that I missed the fact that we reached over 6000 harvested tomatoes yesterday.

Another missed item: My wife and I watered most of, if not all of, the back yard on Friday.

One of the things Scott Daigre mentioned at the Loteria Grill tomato tasting was this: How do you tell a green tomato is ripe? It turns yellow at the bottom. It's excellent advice, but White Zebra is an exception. It doesn't get yellow at the bottom. This tomato at maturity is slightly ruddier than the unripe White Zebra. But color is the second test of maturity for this tomato. The first test is touch. If the skin is softer, then check the color for ruddiness. I've never harvested a tomato before in which the first maturity test is feel.

The Oaxacan Jewel from the first plant was a little lucky. The first plant is completely doubled over. I picked it up to look inside. I noticed a couple of unripe tomatoes so there was no need to pull it out. But right in the crease of the fold was a ripe six ounce tomato ready to be harvested.

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