Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harvest Total Increases Again

And today's harvest includes 35 Snow White, 19 Black Cherry, 17 Red Currant, 13 back yard Husky Cherry Red, 11 Super Snow White, 11 front yard Husky Cherry Red, 5 White Currant, 5 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 4 Babywine, 3 Jaune Flamme, 3 Red Grape, 3 White Zebra, 2 Green Zebra(1), 2 back yard Paul Robeson, 2 Italian Ice, Oaxacan Jewel(1), Oaxacan Jewel(2), a front yard Green Grape, a back yard Green Grape, Husky Gold, Patio, Sweet 100, Beaverlodge Plum, Yellow Perfection, Plum Tigris, Japanese Black Trifele, Green Zebra(2), Pierce's Pride, a back yard Garden Peach(2) and Turkish Striped Monastery for a total of 150 tomatoes.

The harvest numbers have increased for a sixth straight day, based on the increased numbers coming from Snow White and the two Husky Cherry Red plants.

If you'll notice in the first paragraph, none of the tomatoes reached six ounces. Pierce's Pride was the heaviest tomato in today's harvest, coming in at five ounces. We're harvesting more tomatoes but the weight of the overall harvest is clearly dropping.

We've reached over 1500 tomatoes harvested for the month (1580).

My wife watered most of the front yard tomato plants yesterday.

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