Friday, June 12, 2009

Watered Front Yard Tomatoes; Still Overcast

My wife watered the front yard tomato plants but otherwise it was a slow day, tomato wise.

Again, it was overcast for about 95% of the day. A little hazy morning sun and a little bit at sunset. That was it.

No tomatoes were harvested.

I adjusted the on line documents to reflect the new plant. Also, I always find little issues with the spreadsheet that need adjusting. I've spent hours taking care of this minor item and that minor item. Yesterday I added the row for the plant but then noticed 1) I can adjust the Days Planted calculation to be slightly more accurate 2) Got rid of the 31st column calculations in the back yard tomato plant section for months with 30 days (I had fixed it for the front yard tomato plants) 3) The daily back yard total was off by one row and not counting any contributions by Early Annie, so cell by cell I changed the daily calculations from May – December 4) Changed the monthly tomato totals in the far right hand column to reflect 30 days instead of 31 for those 30 day months 5) Fixing random miscalculations.

The Green Grape planted last month is looking very good.

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