Wednesday, June 10, 2009

20 Tomatoes Harvested; Three More Plants With Tomatoes

Yesterday evening my wife harvested 16 Sweet Olives, 3 Sweet 100 and a SunSugar tomato. The SunSugar tomato was promptly eaten (again).

In the morning I got up a bit early and did the three chores on three more back yard tomato plants. I'm running out of the tomato twine and I don't think I have enough.

Also, I did some tomato taping in the “koi pond”.

And three more tomato plants have tomatoes! In the front yard, Silvery Fir Tree and Black Zebra have growing tomatoes. In the back yard, Husky Cherry Red has at least two tomatoes growing on the vines.

We've had unusually mild weather in late May/early June. But yesterday was the first day in the west San Fernando Valley where the sun was behind thick clouds all day. Reminded me of early March weather. Not good for maturing tomato plants, but not that bad either, perhaps inert is the best word. Tomatoes need sun, just not too much sun.

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