Friday, May 1, 2009

Purchased Husky Cherry Red Replacements

During the day, my wife called me to say that Black Zebra started wilting and per her opinion, it wasn't going to make it. Coming back from the gym, she called again to say that Husky Cherry Red wasn't going to make it, either.

When I got home I had to agree. It's not clear if these plants got hit again with something or that it was a delayed reaction to what happened three or four days ago. But I could add another one to the list – Eva Purple Ball was wilted in a similar fashion.

Later on in the evening we went to the WalMart in Porter Ranch to look for Husky Cherry Red tomato plants. It took a little searching, but we found them and bought two.

Still it was a bit of a sad evening. The tomato plants have been attacked twice in a month, having now lost 22 plants to vandalism of some sort. We have no replacement for Eva Purple Ball or Black Zebra. The new ones will be started quite late.

By the morning we were better. Oh well, it won't stop us.

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