Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jaune Flamme Has Tomatoes!

My wife watered the front and back yard tomatoes yesterday. I came home for lunch and watered all the containers in the back, including the tomato plants.

Jaune Flamme, the slightly injured plant in the “corner office” is our first front yard tomato plant to get tomatoes. It has at least two tomatoes on it.

Also, my wife completed the tubs (or “moats” as I call it) around the back yard tomatoes. She's putting in tons of effort into these plants. If they do well, it's mostly due to her efforts.

Completing the thought on a personal point made in Monday's posting regarding the two situations, it's the use of children as props in personal wars that is just so flat out wrong on every front. In a phrase, it's using children as weapons of family destruction.

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