Saturday, April 25, 2009

Accomplished A Lot

On Friday evening, as I prepared to give away some more seedlings, I staked all the backyard tomato plants in the ground. Also, I did some minor work on the front yard tomatoes – I used the needle nosed pliers to do some minor repair work on the tomato cages.

By the time our seedling recipient came over, my wife had made it home. We met the recipient, a very nice guy, and he knew the last couple that received seedlings from us! We gave him the garden tour and eight seedlings.

As of now, we have no more seedlings to give away. We may get more from our “seed lady” to give away but for now, there's no more to distribute.

Earlier in the day, my wife placed a white plastic trash bag around the inside of an unused strawberry pot, filled it up with dirt and planted White Currant in the pot. A great idea!

I did some more work on the tomato spreadsheet and the two tomato documents.

This morning, I watered the front yard plants, making a mental note that, well, she has too many of them. I planted Pierce's Pride in the back yard. I placed stakes in the container plants. I put tomato fertilizer on all the back yard tomato plants.

I completed work on the two tomato documents and the tomato spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is tedious to get right but it's now done.

I believe we're now managing 52 tomato plants (again).

We spent the evening with our friend in Beverly Hills and her two children. We all had a real fun time...but it's time for bed. I'm tired!

I caught up on a lot of tomato items over the last couple of days. I still need to use needle nosed pliers to handle some of the triangular cages, but that's about it. My wife continues to place paper mulch on the backyard tomatoes and eventually that will get done.

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