Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching Up...

Friday's haul: Nothing.

We had a medical issue to deal with in the morning, which didn't leave time to look for tomatoes in the morning.

My wife watered the front yard.

Saturday's harvest: A winter tomato and Cherokee Chocolate.

The air was very smoky because of the local fires. The gardeners came early, around 8:30 AM but we sent them home. It was simply too unhealthy for them to work in the garden. Therefore, the plants to be pulled will live another week unless my wife pulls them.

I did take a good look at the tomato plants, though. I decided that Evan's Italian Plum should not be pulled, as the new growth (from the recent heat spell) looks really healthy. Black Plum Paste has two or three tomatoes on it. Black Cherry has a tomato on it that's too high for the Manchester Terrier to get at. The Lime Green Salad in the back yard has at least three tomatoes on it. Old Ivory Egg has several tomatoes on it.

Sunday's haul: Prairie Fire.

Again, the air was too smoggy and smoky to go outside for any real length of time. Our two dogs got a bath. Since we were near the plants, I noticed that Pierce's Pride had a second tomato growing and Aker's Plum has at least three tomatoes growing on it (albeit easily picked off by the Manchester Terrier). It looks like we will reach the 4500 mark before the end of the year.

By the way, while the tomatoes aren't as delicious as they were in July, there's still good enough. My wife made a great meat sauce last week using the harvested tomatoes. It was delicious!

Today's haul: Piccolo.

You should see the ash sitting on our tomato plants.

Hey, at least we aren't anywhere near the fires.

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