Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Tomatoes, Eight Caterpillars

Today's harvest includes 2 Cherokee Chocolates, Salisaw Cafe, Piccolo, Stupice, Evan's Italian Plum (10 ounces) and Italian Market Wonder.

Last night while throwing out the trash I took another look at Kimberly, looking for caterpillars. There's been damage, but I couldn't find anything. But, on the way back to the house, I spotted a large caterpillar. So I went to the south end of the backyard and quickly spotted a caterpillar on Evan's Italian Plum.

So I changed shoes and checked the front and back yards for caterpillars, finding one on Red Yellow Cap.

While harvesting this morning, I found two more large caterpillars on Red Yellow Cap and another one on Evan's Italian Plum.

I noticed clear remains of caterpillars on Thessaloniki last night and today but couldn't find anything. But when I left for work, I spotted a small caterpillar on Thessaloniki. I tossed it, looked again and found an even smaller one. I showed it to my wife who couldn't believe how tiny it was. However, these two caterpillars can't account for all the droppings I see below the plant. Something bigger is munching on the plant.

So I picked seven tomatoes and eight caterpillars.

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