Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harvested Blue Fruit Today!

And today's harvest includes 9 Black Plum Pastes, 6 Piccolos, 6 Salisaw Cafes, 5 Stupice, 4 Red Currants, 4 Cherokee Chocolates, 3 Green Grapes, Black Krim (back yard, 7 ounces), Aker's Plum, Italian Market Wonder, Arkansas Traveler, Old Ivory Egg, Red Robin, Jaune Flamme, Paul Robeson, Lime Green Salad (from the “koi pond”), Husky Cherry Red and a new tomato: Blue Fruit!

We succeeded in keeping our Manchester Terrier from picking a tomato last night – we were pretty diligent in watching him. However, when I was picking tomatoes in the front yard, he nabbed one.

I almost picked a few tomatoes, including Carbon and Polish Pastel but decided to wait a little longer.

I propped up Evan's Italian Plum, another plant that is tipping over due to the weight of the tomatoes on the vines.

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