Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We're Planted!

On Friday my wife planted SunSugar and Marianna's Peace. Barring any surprises, we have completed planting our tomatoes for 2015.

On Saturday I put cages on the uncaged tomatoes and moved a few of them around. Hungarian Heart continues to look great, while Black From Tula doesn't look good at all.

My wife continues to water the tomatoes as necessary.

Time permitting, I'll get the on line spreadsheet together.

We're behind on just about everything in 2015 but we plow ahead as best we can. Let's hope for a good tomato year!



Dear Bill,
I found your name searching for growing heirlooms in the valley and I found an article about your harvest of tomatoes from 2008. I see you are still growing them :p.
I am a beginner in growing tomatoes, I just started with a couple, 2 years back here in west hills and this year I am growing about 10 plants. This is my first time trying Brandywines and I am a bit scare since they have a lot of flowers but they are not setting fruit. Most flowers are falling off. I was hoping you might have the time to give me some advice. I have them in a raised bed, which I try to keep moist.
I am curious to see how your harvest goes this year!

Thank you in advance.


Bill Anderson said...

Well, there are several things...

1) Try giving them some tomato fertilizer, that may give them some extra strength
2) Try shaking the tomato plants. Give them a faily good shake but not a vigorous one. Some times this will help the fruit set.
3) I've had little luck with Brandywine tomatoes in SoCal. Others in the area have reported similar findings.
4) If it gets hotter than the high 90's for an extended period of time the pollen will sterilize.

Good luck with your tomatoes and feel free to ask more questions!

Bill Anderson

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your help!