Sunday, August 31, 2014

Harvested Over 1500 Back Yard Tomatoes In August!

Saturday's harvest includes 3 Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1), 3 Evan's Purple Pear, 3 Persimmon(2) (not Persimmon), 3 Black Cherry, 3 Sugar Snack, 2 SunGold, 2 Husky Cherry Red(1), Speckled Roman(1), Indian Stripe, Porkchop(1), German Orange Strawberry, Volunteer(4), Persimmon(1) (not Persimmon), Aunt Ruby's German Green, Husky Cherry Red(2), Michael Pollan and "Green Zebra" (not Green Zebra) for a total of 29 tomatoes.

One of the Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1) tomatoes was nice while the rest was ordinary. Notable was the fact that there were no Sunchocolas harvested today. You'd probably have to go back to June before we didn't harvest Sunchocola.

No milestones hit today.

Sunday's harvest includes 10 Evan's Purple Pear, 5 SunGold, 3 Blue Beauty, 3 Black Cherry, 2 German Orange Strawberry, 2 Husky Cherry Red(2), 2 Sugar Snack, Sunchocola, Bread and Salt, Blue Gold, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1), Pineapple, Matt's Wild Cherry, Persimmon(1) (not Persimmon), Solar Flare, Persimmon(2) (not Persimmon) and Husky Cherry Red(1) for a total of 37 tomatoes.

The German Orange Strawberry tomatoes were fine and my wife commented how nice today's Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1) tomato was. The rest were okay.

My wife made a nice pasta dish with shrimp and some of the harvest over the last couple of days. The dish was definitely a success.

My wife watered the front yard, including the tomato plants. I assumed she double watered the tomatoes. I got in one round of watering for the back yard tomatoes in the ground.

And we have some milestones today. We've now harvested over 1500 back yard tomatoes for August (1532)! Also, we've harvested exactly 600 SunGold tomatoes this year.

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