Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Harvested 625 Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes This Year

Today's harvest includes 10 Sunchocola, 7 Sugar Snack, 6 Husky Cherry Red(2), 5 SunGold, 4 Matt's Wild Cherry, 3 Michael Pollan, 2 Green Grape, 2 Husky Cherry Red(1), Earl of Edgecombe, Blue Gold, Speckled Roman(2), Volunteer(4) and Black Cherry for a total of 44 tomatoes.

Not only did we harvest a fair amount on Sunchocola tomatoes, there were some really nice ones in the bunch. Sunchocola had been getting "wobbly" with inconsistent maturing on the tomato. But there were several harvested low that were both perfect and large. Blue Gold was interesting as well.

We've harvested exactly 625 Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes this year, though that barely qualifies as a milestone. We'll hit a major milestone tomorrow.

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