Monday, July 21, 2014

Harvested Over 1000 Orange Paruche Tomatoes This Year!

Today's harvest includes 39 Orange Paruche, 15 Matt's Wild Cherry, 15 Sunchocola, 9 SunGold, 3 Earl of Edgecombe, 3 Speckled Roman(2), 3 Black Cherry, 3 Husky Cherry Red(1), 3 Husky Cherry Red(2), 2 Indigo Apple, 2 Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red, 2 Adriana's Grande, 2 Indigo Rose, 2 Jaune Flamme, 2 Nyagous, 2 Persimmon (not Persimmon), 2 Sugar Snack, Yellow Perfection, Earliana, Berkeley Tie Dye, Blue Beauty (11.5 ounces), Volunteer(4), Snow White, Evan's Purple Pear, Garden Peach(2) and Garden Peach(3) for a total of 118 tomatoes.

Well, today's harvest is nearly half of the harvest of two days ago. The tide is going out...

I tried to beat the Monday back yard sprinklers by harvesting the back yard first...but couldn't do it. I got wet.

Blue Beauty continues to impress.

A Japanese Black Trifele is near maturity.

We've now harvested over 1000 delicious Orange Paruche tomatoes (1031) and over 300 SunGold tomatoes (303) this year!

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