Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stupice and Volunteer(2) Have Growing Tomatoes!

On Thursday we planted Sugar Snack, Captain Lucky and Michael Pollan in containers.

Before we planted, we dumped the dirt in two of the containers onto the concrete patio. I carefully went through the dirt and picked out what I had previously thought were cutworms. We had found out earlier in the day that they were fig beetle larvae.

Today I pulled the grass out of the remaining cutout area that I said we weren't planting. That took a couple of hours. It went faster than I expected. I used a claw-like tool to separate the grass from the dirt. Then I turned over the top layer of dirt with a shovel and picked out more grass.

We replaced the dead Dark Galaxy seedling with Ananas Noire. In the newly grass cleared area we planted Blue Beauty and Pineapple.

On Thursday I noticed that Stupice has a growing tomato! I checked again today and Stupice has at least four growing tomatoes. Volunteer(2) in the third raised bed has two growing tomatoes as well. Volunteer(2) is the best looking tomato plant of them all right now.

The "koi pond" tomatoes look terrific. Sunchocola looks the best but there is no clunker in the area. They all look good.

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