Monday, September 2, 2013

August 2013 Tomato Analysis

We harvested 1320 tomatoes in August. That compares somewhat favorably to July's 1970 tomatoes (A harvest dropoff is completely expected for the west San Fernando Valley where we live, we just hope that the numbers don't fall off a table...). Here's how it stacks up to prior years:

August 2011 -- 3863
August 2009 -- 3250
August 2012 -- 3240
August 2007 -- 2806
August 2010 -- 2165
August 2013 -- 1320
August 2008 -- 1004

Again our numbers are the second worst we've had, only beating the 2008 year. In 2008 we ended up harvesting about 4300 tomatoes so we seem to be on about a 5000 harvest pace this year based on the numbers.

However based on what I see for our plants we'll never get there. The late August heat has absolutely taken the life out of most of our tomato plants.The only good one left is Black Cherry and that won't get us to 5000.

So we'll see what happens. We'll probably beat the 2008 harvest this year but we won't get much beyond that, I believe.

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