Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Harvested 50 Isis Candy Tomatoes This Year

Today's harvest includes 16 Sweet 100, 6 Snow White, 6 Garden Peach, 4 Black Cherry, 3 Blue Beauty, 3 Jaune Flamme, 2 Speckled Roman(1), 2 SunGold(1), 2 Jersey Giant, 2 Isis Candy, 2 Shah/Mikado, 2 Paul Robeson, 2 Porkchop, Husky Cherry Red, Vorlon, Pineapple, Missouri Pink Love Apple, Black and Brown Boar, SunGold(2), Green Grape, Indigo Rose, German Orange Strawberry, Amos Coli (6.5 ounces), "Something Orange" (14 ounces), Juliet, Supersweet 100 and Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red(2) for a total of 66 tomaotes.

Outside of the nice looking "Something Orange" (which I think is another Dr. Wyche's Yellow), today's harvest was a little bit...meh. I did add fertilizer to the container plants and in the raised beds.

On the plus side there was leftover pasta for dinner with the roasted tomatoes and zucchini, both picked from our garden. That was even a bigger hit than it was the day before.

We've now harvested 50 Isis Candy tomatoes this year and harvested over 150 Sweet 100 tomatoes for July (158).

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