Monday, June 10, 2013

We're Harvesting!!

Saturday's harvest: 2 Yellow Perfection (new).

Sunday's harvest: 2 Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red(1) (new), 2 Black and Brown Boar (new) and Husky Cherry Red (new) for a total of 5 tomatoes.

Today's harvest: 2 Pierce's Pride (new) and 2 Husky Cherry Red for a total of 4 tomatoes.

Painters were at our house all last week. They started early Monday morning and finished on Friday. Since they were showing up at 7 AM each morning and were around the exterior of the whole house, I stayed away from the tomato plants. I looked at the front yard plants on Friday afternoon and noted several maturing tomatoes in the "corner office". Later, my wife noticed that some Yellow Perfections are ready to be harvested. I was surprised to see this but yes, there were tomatoes ready to be harvested.

I added fertilizer to all the front yard tomato plants as well as the container plants in the back yard.

So on Saturday I tried to catch up on training the tomato plants. Some of my fingers were nearly black after I was done. A lot of branches were broken, unfortunately. Several items of note:

There are three tomato plants that seem to be struggling in the "corner office". I'm not sure why. By the same token, all but one plant in the "corner office" has maturing tomatoes.

A lot of the plants were leggy and wispy. I attribute that to the two early heat waves. Some plants are outgrowing the strength within the base of the plant.

Yellow Perfection and Vorlon look great. Lots of fruit on Yellow Perfection, lots of good sized tomatoes on Vorlon.

I found a teenage sized hornworm on Dr. Wyche's Yellow. My wife had found a very tiny hornworm in the back yard (I think it was on Blue Beauty) early last week. I meant to follow up and look myself but I haven't done so yet. But it's early in the season to see hornworms.

The grafted tomato plants in the south garden of the back yard look very healthy. However, I still can't find a growing tomato on Gold Medal. [EDIT: Late Monday night I saw a tomato on Gold Medal.]

Later that day I double watered the plants in the "corner office".

During dinner I tried one of the harvested Yellow Perfection tomatoes. It was good. Not outstanding, but good. A typical early June tomato.

Sunday we deep watered all the "koi pond" tomato plants but we did not double water them. The Pineapple tomato plant's "moat" had a bad leak on the west side. My wife fixed that later in the day. We should rewater this plant. Also, I cut away the lower branches on all the remaining front yard tomato plants.

So we did some catching up but this is high season for tomato training. How much more we catch up remains to be seen...

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