Monday, June 17, 2013

Harvested Porkchop and Sweet 100!

Sunday's harvest: Husky Cherry Red and Stupice for a total of 2 tomatoes.

Today's harvest includes 2 Yellow Perfection, Porkchop (new) and Sweet 100 (new) for a total of 4 tomatoes.

First, I messed up in my last blog post. It was Sweet 100 that was maturing, not Juliet. And we harvested that tomato today. And I forgot to mention that Hungarian Heart has a maturing tomato. That will be picked tomorrow or Wednesday.

I did water the two SunGold tomatoes by hand. I also watered Green Zebra because it looks terrible.

Sunday morning I added tomato fertilizer to all the back yard tomato plants. I also added planter mix to the two Husky Red tomato plants. But we did not have time to water in the fertilizer for all the plants, nor did I have time to train or cut off the dragging branches.

We brought all our uneaten tomatoes to my in-law's house early Sunday afternoon.

I was expecting to throw away Porkchop this morning but there wasn't any blossom end rot. Hooray!

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