Sunday, June 23, 2013

Harvested Eight New Tomatoes!

Wednesday's harvest includes 7 Black Cherry, 3 Husky Cherry Red, 2 Stupice, SuperSweet 100 (new) and Yellow Perfection for a total of 14 tomatoes.

Thursday's harvest includes 7 Yellow Perfection, 4 Black Cherry, 3 Husky Cherry Red, 2 Shah/Mikado (new) and Porkchop for a total of 17 tomatoes.

Shah/Mikado tomatoes are a milky yellow color and looks interesting.

Friday's harvest includes 4 Yellow Perfection, 2 Michael Pollan (new), 2 Husky Cherry Red, Vorlon (14 ounces), Stupice, Black Cherry, Shah/Mikado and Black and Brown Boar for a total of 13 tomatoes.

The two Michael Pollan tomatoes were the largest Michael Pollan tomatoes I've ever seen. I put them on the scale and they both weighed two ounces. But for those unfamiliar with Michael Pollan tomatoes, that's huge! The Vorlon tomato is a beauty.

Saturday's harvest includes 11 Yellow Perfection, 4 Snow White (new), 2 Nyagous (new), 2 Husky Cherry Red, Black Seaman (new), Brad's Black Heart (new), Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red, Stupice, Pierce's Pride and Black Cherry for a total of 25 tomatoes.

The harvested Brad's Black Heart was tiny and the plant still doesn't look good while the Black Seaman tomato looked okay.

I spent a lot of time catching up on tomato training and cleaning out the underbrush of a lot of the tomato plants -- probably about two and half hours or so. I deep watered about half the tomato plants in the ground in the back yard. While watering I was clearing out the underbrush and found harvestable tomatoes for Nyagous and Snow White! Hey, look what I found! It was a lot of work but the tomato plants look a lot better.

Later on we drove down to San Juan Capistrano to visit my in-laws and other relatives. We brought down all these tomatoes and more. Most of the relatives came away with tomatoes. We gave them all away. We had a great time!

Today's harvest includes 6 Husky Cherry Red, 6 Yellow Perfection, Berkeley Tie Dye (new), Stupice, Vorlon (9 ounces), Black Cherry and Nyagous for a total of 17 tomatoes.

I deep watered the rest of the back yard tomatoes in the ground and five tomato containers. I spent some more time clearing out tomato underbrush while watering.

The Berkeley Tie Dye is tiny, only one or two ounces.

There will be a good sized Hungarian Heart harvested tomorrow. The maturing tomatoes include Missouri Pink Love Apple though I'm sure there are others.

Green Zebra is for all intents and purposes dead. It's just a matter of time before we pull it out.

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