Thursday, May 2, 2013

Planted Two More Seedlings in Containers

I finally got around to checking out the planted tomatoes and did some minor training. Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red(1) and Black and Brown Boar had multiple tomatoes and looked strong. Interestingly, the plants in the south section of the "koi pond" looked better than the plants in the north end. The southern plants were planted earlier than the ones in the northern end but I don't think that would explain all of it. Last year the southern plants struggled while the northern plants flourished.

The last two tomato seedlings planted in the ground were caged by my wife a few days ago. Also, she has been watering the seedlings.

Yesterday evening we moved the two Husky Red containers behind the wire fence that contains all the raised beds. We planted SuperSweet 100 and Isis Candy in the remaining two containers and put those behind the fence as well. All four containers were propped on bricks and put into an unused cinder block raised bed.

That'll probably be it for our 2013 planting.

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