Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planted Two More Seedlings Tuesday Night

No tomatoes planted on Monday evening. I had to go to a board meeting for our computer user group.

Yesterday I planted Stupice in the "corner office", our sixth tomato seedling in that area. There is room for one more. We planted Kelllogg's Breakfast in that spot last year and it did not do well at all. As my wife pointed out, it's in an area that is shaded from the afternoon sun. We may end up planting a seventh tomato plant in that spot if we have no room elsewhere but for now it will remain open.

The sun was setting but I had time to plant Yellow Perfection in the south end of the "koi pond". The layer of planter mix is clearly making a difference as the ground beneath was moist without being soggy. I forgot to put an egg in the Stupice hole so the Yellow Perfection hole got two eggs along with tomato fertilizer and compost. I watered the two new seedlings just after sunset and cleaned up the space.

This morning I looked at all the planted front yard tomato seedlings and they are doing very well. No issues.

It looks like I will be working at Descanso Gardens for TomatoMania next Saturday and my wife on Sunday.

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