Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012 Tomato Analysis

Well, if it weren't for a mid-month freeze we'd still be harvesting today. Let's see how this month's harvest of 404 tomatoes compares with other years.

2007 -- 0
2008 -- 6
2009 -- 39
2010 -- 90
2011 -- 140

Better every year! But 404 tomatoes for this year is more than double any other year.

Our last harvest of the year was on December 23 when I harvested 8 tomatoes off the ground.

By the way, that reminds me of a funny story. The day before I harvested 79 tomatoes. But as mentioned previously, a fair amount were on the ground and if I touched the SunGold plant, more fell. So on the 23rd, after all the plants had been pulled, I began looking for harvestable tomatoes left on the grounds. I'd carefully inch closer. "Pop!" Stepped on a tomato I didn't see. Another step. "Pop, pop!" Backed up. "Pop!". The tomatoes on the ground were littered *everywhere*. We're going to have SunGold volunteers everywhere next year whether we like it or not (we'll like it).

Out of the 404 harvested tomatoes in December, 401 were SunGold tomatoes.

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