Monday, September 3, 2012

August 2012 Tomato Analysis

In August of this year we harvested 3240 tomatoes. It was a good month in spite of it being hot almost the whole month. Toward the end some of the tomatoes were getting a big ragged. But overall it was quite a good month.

How does the this year's 3240 stack up against the other August years?

2011 -- 3863
2010 -- 2165
2009 -- 3250
2008 -- 1004
2007 -- 2806

Well, it's third place out of six -- middle of the pack -- but only 10 tomatoes behind 2009. 2009 was our highest yearly total of all time, 11,155 tomatoes for the year. 2007 would have beat it but we stopped counting in October (a three week honeymoon will do that...).

As of this writing we've harvested 10,345 tomaotes for the year. So the 2009 all time high will almost assuredly be broken. Conceivably we could even break it this month.

What will happen in September? Traditionally we pull a lot of plants this month. Based on our scorching August I know this year won't be an exception. A fair amount of plants are getting the "fungusy" look and will probably be pulled in the near future.

Snow White(2) and SunGold are getting new blooms. These plants will almost assuredly get a second wind at some point, but will it happen in September? That's not clear. These blooms could go sterile as well, considering how hot it still is. The two Husky Cherry Red tomatoes will come back to some degree as well.

Prediction for September: We'll harvest 900 tomatoes for the month, putting us a little over 11,000 for the year.

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