Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pulled Out Four More Tomato Plants

Today's harvest includes 6 Indigo Rose, 4 Black Cherry(1), 4 SunGold, 4 Husky Cherry Red(1), 3 Japanese Black Trifele, 3 Snow White(1), 3 Yellow Perfection, 2 Gypsy, 2 Redfield Beauty, 2 Snow White(1), 2 Thessaloniki, Olga's Round Yellow Chicken Egg, Marmara, Carmello, Husky Cherry Red(2), Black Cherry(2), Indigo Apple(2) and Green Grape for a total of 42 tomatoes.

My wife pulled out Pink Furry Boar, Chinese Tea, Nyagous(1) and Vorlon. She also watered half the back yard tomatoes and the container plants in the back yard.

We've harvested 550 SunGold tomatoes this month (551) and 150 Husky Cherry Red(1) tomatoes in August, but I'm grasping for milestones now.

More plants will get pulled tomorrow.

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