Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Tomato Analysis

The total harvest for October 2011 was 133 tomatoes. That is the third highest (and third lowest -- in other words, the middle of the pack) of the five years I've been tracking. The lowest was 26 in 2007; the highest was an astonishing 866 in 2009.

2007 year was a fabulous year. The low total was due to spending over 3 weeks on a honeymoon. It is my belief that if we weren't on a honeymoon, the October 2007 tomato total would be more that the October 2011 total. Granted, we were away for about 5 days this year, but my best estimate of the "loss" is 7 tomatoes. That isn't significant.

2009 was our largest overall harvest to date. The really high October numbers was due to replanting seedlings after vandalism. These plants got late starts, survived the hot summer, and produced in September and October. We kept getting hit, but we kept replanting.

So in practice I believe this month would have been the second worst of five seasons. I attribute it to not putting in enough new soil in our front yard. We'll try to correct that for next year.

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