Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvested 200 Sweet Carneros Pink Tomatoes!

Saturday's harvest includes 3 Matt's Wild Cherry, 2 SunSugar, SunGold(1), Golden Mama, Jaune Flamme, Orange And Green Zebra and Green Doctors Kiwi(2) for a total of 10 tomatoes.

Sunday's harvest includes 4 SunGold(1), 4 Matt's Wild Cherry, Green Grape, Sweet Carneros Pink, Green Doctors Kiwi(2) and Husky Gold for a total of 12 tomatoes.

Today's harvest includes 5 Matt's Wild Cherry, 4 SunGold(1) and Sweet Carneros Pink for a total of 10 tomatoes.

We've now harvested 200 Sweet Carneros Pink tomatoes!

As you can tell, our harvest has dropped dramatically. Dribs and drabs now.

We picked up some great tomatoes from our local farmer's market grown by Tutti Fruitti Farms in Lompoc, California. Highly recommended!

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