Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harvested Over 8000 Tomatoes For The Year!

Today's harvest includes 14 Matt's Wild Cherry, 14 Snow White, 11 Husky Cherry Red(2), 7 Stupice, 6 Orange And Green Zebra, 5 Sweet Carneros Pink, 4 Coyote (not Coyote), 4 SunGold(1), 4 Sweet 100, 3 Garden Peach, 3 Kellogg's Breakfast, 3 Yellow Brandywine, 3 Paul Robeson(2), 3 Haley's Purple Comet, 3 Oaxacan Jewel(2), 2 Porkchop, 2 Jaune Flamme, Vorlon, Large Pink Anna(1), Patio, Green Grape and Michael Pollan for a total of 96 tomatoes.

We've now harvested over 8000 tomatoes for the year (8012)! The harvest numbers are staying surprisingly steady and in fact have gone up over the last couple of days. I suspect this is due to the recent heat wave and the numbers will drop shortly.

Yesterday's and today's harvest has been more "substantial" than it has been in a while. I'm not talking just about numbers, but about size as well. A lot of beefsteaks are having a second wind, such as Yellow Brandywine, Paul Robeson(2) and Kelloggs' Breakfast. Having said that, these tomatoes are only one to two ounces. Still, that weighs more than a Matt's Wild Cherry! My wife noticed the difference immediately.

We've also harvested over 1500 back yard tomatoes for the month of August (1522). Also, we've harvested over 150 Orange And Green Zebra tomatoes (153) as well as over 50 Porkchop (51) tomatoes -- wow, this tomato is so memorable you'd have thought we'd harvested much more than that.

I should have mentioned yesterday that we've now harvested over 900 Snow White tomatoes (931).

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