Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvested Over 3000 Tomatoes in August!

Today's harvest includes 43 Matt's Wild Cherry, 20 Snow White, 4 SunSugar, 2 Husky Cherry Red(1), 2 Quedlinburger Fruehe Liebe, 2 SunGold(1), 2 Honkin' Big Black Cherry, Jaune Flamme, Garden Peach, Orange And Green Zebra, Sweet Carneros Pink, Pineapple (12 ounces), Stupice, Speckled Roman (not Speckled Roman), Yellow Brandywine, Husky Cherry Red(2) and Haley's Purple Comet for a total of 85 tomatoes.

We've now harvested over 3000 tomatoes for August (3081)! Barring a meltdown, this will be the most productive August for us.

We've also harvested over 2200 Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (2242)! Finally, Matt's Wild Cherry is slowing down. But there's new growth with blooms. Matt's Wild Cherry will in all probability get a second wind. But the first wind isn't over with!

We've also harvested 50 Honkin' Big Black Cherry tomatoes.

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