Saturday, July 2, 2011

Harvested Large Pink Anna(2) and Chocolate Stripes(2)!

Today's harvest includes 10 Husky Cherry Red(2), 8 SunSugar, 7 Chocolate Stripes(2) (9.5 ounces, 6.5 ounces) (new), 7 Husky Cherry Red(1), 7 Matt's Wild Cherry, 4 Stupice, 3 SunGold(1), 3 Black and Brown Boar, 3 Green Grape, 3 Creme Brulee, 2 Indian Stripe, 2 Bloody Butcher, 2 Paul Robeson(1), 2 Japanese Black Trifele, 2 Quedlinburger Fruehe Liebe, Large Pink Anna(2) (6 ounces) (new), Black Cherry, Jaune Coeur de Pigeon and Volunteer(1) for a total of 69 tomatoes.

I spent a long time this morning fishing out all the maturing tomatoes from the middle of the two Husky Cherry Red plants. It's surprising how dense these plants can get! I got all the mature ones out after about 10 minutes or so.

My wife has been using cloth to cover some of our tomatoes. She told me that SunGold(2) was wilting, but a protective cloth and some water and the plant was fine. After today's harvest I asked her to put a cover over Chocolate Stripes(2) as the tomatoes were getting scalded. She came back with seven of the tomatoes! I was quite surprised. She stated that they were ready for harvest. She was right, they were soft. Too soft. My wife will use these tomatoes for sauce.

Yesterday it got up to 101 at Pierce College. Today it was only a few tenths of a degree cooler for the high temperature.

Being that we picked three plants pretty clean of maturing tomatoes, I don't expect tomorrow's total to be as high as today.

Maturing tomatoes include Cassidy's Folly, Kellogg's Breakfast and Green Zebra(2). Except Green Zebra(2) isn't Green Zebra(2) -- the maturing tomato is red!

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