Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Doctor Likes Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 20 SunGold, 13 Snow White (front yard), 6 Husky Cherry Red, 4 Red Grape, 3 White Currant, 3 Snow White (back yard), 3 Brown Berry, 3 Red Currant(1), 2 Babywine, 2 Garden Peach, 2 Azoychka/not Azoychka, Paul Robeson, Gypsy, Thessaloniki, Gajo de Melon, Yellow Perfection, Zapotec Pleated, German Orange Strawberry, Weeping Charlie, Sara Black, Jaune Flamme(1), Topaz, Taxi, Lyn's Mahogany Garnet, Sweetie, Principe Borghese, Poma Amoris Minora Lutea, Persimmon, Violet Jasper and Black Oxheart (6.5 ounces) for a total of 80 tomatoes.

I gave all of yesterday's harvest to my doctor. During my last office visit he asked not to forget to bring him tomatoes and I followed through on that yesterday. He was pleasantly surprised. We got to talking about tomatoes and living life to the fullest – we chatted for about 45 minutes.

My wife watered the front yard the front yard tomato plants.

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