Monday, August 3, 2009

The Freezer Works!

Today's harvest includes 31 Black Cherry, 19 Snow White, 12 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 9 Babywine, 9 Red Currant, 8 back yard Paul Robeson, 6 Oaxacan Jewel(2), 6 back yard Husky Cherry Red, 5 Berkeley Tie Dye (7 ounces, 8 ounces, 8.5 ounces, 8 ounces, 13 ounces), 4 White Currant, 4 Sweet 100, 4 Yellow Perfection, 4 Amazon Chocolate, 3 Oaxacan Jewel(1) (6 ounces, 7 ounces, 6.5 ounces), 3 Super Snow White, 3 front yard Garden Peach, 3 back yard Green Grape, 3 Black From Tula (10 ounces, 6 ounces, 12 ounces), 3 Green Zebra(2), 3 Red Grape, 3 Italian Ice, 2 Plum Tigris, 2 back yard Garden Peach(1), 2 back yard Garden Peach(2), 2 Pierce's Pride (one 8.5 ounces), 2 Mong, 2 front yard Green Grape, 2 front yard Husky Cherry Red, Vintage Wine, Black Krim, Japanese Black Trifele, Green Zebra(1), White Zebra, a back yard Mexico (20 ounces), Tiger Paw, SunSugar, Husky Gold and Cuor de Bue (7.5 ounces) for a total of 169 tomatoes.

Well, now it's a pattern. We probably saw our last harvest north of 200 on Saturday. The numbers for Red Currant and Snow White are slowly ebbing.

My father in law came this morning to pick up their two dogs. We also gave them a grocery bag of tomatoes to take back home. He and his daughter checked out the freezer – it's working perfectly! We put a bowl of water in the freezer and it was frozen this morning.

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