Monday, May 18, 2009

Five New Plants With Tomatoes; Four More Planted

Geez, another busy weekend.

My wife did water all the tomatoes on Friday. And in potentially good news, our vandalism problem may start to fade away with the auctioning and sale of a house across the street. And in bad news, we decided that three tomato plants in the "koi pond" had stopped growing and are turning gray. We believe these may have also been damaged when Green Zebra, Black Zebra and Japanese Black Trifele were damaged in the “corner office”. Since then these three (Green Grape, Gardener's Delight and Nyagous) have simply stopped growing.

On Saturday we bought four tomato plants, three to replace the bad ones in the “koi pond” and an additional one for a space that opened up in the back yard. Also, we began to build a wire fence around the “koi pond” using a fence my wife purchased years ago. We put it up but it did not quite make it around the “koi pond”, so we purchased some additional wire fencing. The fence is in place to keep the stray cat from using it as his personal litter box, but it also prevents the plants from being kicked by others.

New tomatoes were spotted on Red Grape, Plum Tigris, Speckled Roman (back yard), Garden Peach (back yard) and Japanese Black Trifele. All five new tomatoes are in the back yard.

On Sunday I planted Early Annie in the area where Evan's Italian Plum was planted last year. Green Grape replaced the damaged Green Grape, Black Zebra replaced Gardener's Delight and Super Snow White replaced Nyagous. We finished the fence around the “koi pond” but it got too hot to start on the fence around the “corner office”.

Our friends Liz and Ricardo came over to help work on the patio cover. We spent most of the afternoon on it. But during the afternoon, Jaune Coeur de Pigeon was drooping so badly I began to wonder if it will make it. My wife landscaped the area around the plant and we watered it. It looked slightly better in the late evening.

It appears that a Sweet Olive tomato may be ripening!

I watered all the tomato plants this morning. The back yard plants look wonderful. The front yard plants are struggling against all the vandalism and late starts. It's no surprise that the five new tomatoes have shown up on the back yard plants.

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