Thursday, April 9, 2009

Berkeley Tie Dye Is In The Ground!!

And five more seedlings are in the ground: Black Cherry, Berkeley Tie Dye (yay!), Cuor de Bue, Amazon Chocolate and Orange Blossom.

My wife told me it took nearly two hours to plant them. For some reason, there's broken asphalt near the telephone pole in the northeast corner of our back yard. She indicated that she pulled out a lot of this old asphalt.

I caged all the new plants.

On my ToDo list: Staking all the new plants, adding the seedling tag information onto my documents, and preparing the yearly spreadsheet. But the first priority is to get the seedlings in the ground.

I believe we have 40 seedlings in the ground. We have four additional seedlings to plant (outside of the ones we grew from seed) and room for some more. It looks like we may be at 50 plants this year, give or take a few.

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