Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Over For 2008

It's over. All the spring tomatoes are pulled.

The gardener pulled all of the tomatoes except one, a winter tomato. It should have been pulled as well but the gardeners overlooked it.

We've had three nights where it has gotten below freezing. It may happen tonight as well. This morning, it got down to 28.1 degrees at Pierce College.

Even if the tomatoes somehow mature, I don't think we'd enjoy them. So I had them all pulled.

Our 2008 spring tomato total came to 4503 tomatoes.

As I prepare for the 2009 plantings, I'll be posting again. Until then, I'll be quiet until then.

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Alan said...

Bill, I read the neat story about you in L.A. Times. Pretty amazing growing there. I posted a funny little bit about my own unlikely drems of being the Houston Tomato King, with links to the story and your blog. Just wanted to let you know if you want to check it out.