Monday, June 2, 2008

Arkansas Traveler, Black Plum Paste Have Tomatoes!

I had some time between work and the board meeting for our computer user group to work on the tomatoes. I harvested five Red Currants and two Husky Cherry Reds. I had to take care of a few other issues around the house before I could get to the backyard tomatoes. By the time I did, I had about twenty minutes.

As quickly as I could, I trained the back yard tomatoes to grow as straight as possible. I tucked and straightened as fast as I could. While training, I noticed two tomatoes on Arkansas Traveler and a tomato on Black Plum Paste. It's possible I could have found more, but I was short on time.

When I got home from the board meeting, I spent a little time in the front yard using the flashlight. I didn't notice any new tomatoes.

For the record, I watered the back yard on Saturday and the front yard yesterday. I added some paper mulch to a fair amount of the front yard tomatoes and some in the back.

The tomato plants are in full growth mode. Branches are growing one to two inches a day. I need to go out both day and night and if there's room, tuck the wayward branches into the cage to encourage vertical growth.

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